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We believe the importance of interior spaces transcends aesthetics. These are the settings in which we live our lives—the spaces that hold our most significant moments and formative memories.  Backdrop Interior Design is a full service design studio that emphasizes the unique lives spent in the spaces we create.  Our holistic, detail-driven approach results in homes that balance functionality and feel.

Our Philosophy

Our approach to interiors is multifaceted, informed by our construction expertise and client-centered perspective. The spaces we design balance form and feeling—elevating and nurturing the lives lived within.


With a process rooted in connection and a network of trusted collaborators, we partner with clients to create homes that are layered, intentional, and effortlessly livable. 

Backdrop Interior Design_Interior Design_New Hampshire
Backdrop Interior Design_Interior Design_New Hampshire

Mountainside View

Backdrop Interior Design_Interior Design_New Hampshire

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Our team specializes in full service design for new construction projects and extensive renovations throughout the New Hampshire Lakes Region. Our work is characterized by our functionality-forward perspective and our dedication to designing homes that resonate deeply with their owners.

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